Airport transport

Business class: For business people offering PREMIUM conditions (water for passengers, WiFi, costumed driver and English speaker.)

VIP: Transportation for artists, celebrities, traveling on concerts, symposiums, conferences and all kinds of events under confort, safe and elegance.

Transport to shopping destinations

This service addresses people who want to travel to different locations in Romania (Iulius Mall - TM, Iulius Mall - CJ) or Europe: Budapest, Parndorf - Vienna, Austria for shopping.

Oradea - Parndorf - Vienna, Austria
Departure: each Saturday at 07:00 AM, from Civic Center square, just across the cathedral
Arrival: from Vienna, at 18:00 from bus terminal
Arrival: from Parndorf Outlet, at 19:00
Price: 55 € / person
Both way price: 100 € / person

Tourist transport

It is dedicated to people who want to travel for groups of up to 8 people to different tourist attractions: Bear cave, Meziad cave, Stâna de Vale, Coada Lacului, Padiș or outside of the country at Niregyhaza ZOO, Debrecen, Hajduszabaslo, Budapest, Vienna.

Fast Courier

This service offers you the ability to transport safely, small packages, envelopes, documents, medicines, passports, flowers in a short time anywhere in Romania and Europe.
The shipment rises and arrives at the destination by the same person, no intermediaries, keeping the package intact and shipping discretion.


We are pleased to pamper young couples newly formed on their big day with first-class transport. Comfort. In time. Safety.